IQAir HealthPro Plus Review

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Hospital-grade purification at a non-commercial price
MSRP: $849.00

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the IQAir HealthPro Plus delivers a ton of technologically-advanced features…all at an extremely competitive price. Starting with its 3D UltraSeal and modular configuration, this air purifier drastically reduces “leakage” by preventing air from entering the system and compromising the air blown back out. As a result, it claims and guarantees a total system efficiency of greater than 99.7% (ie, while plenty of units have HEPA filters with >99.5% filtering power, that efficiency dramatically drops when outside air gets mixed in with the filtered air). Other technology wins in this model include an extremely powerful, yet silent fan, a hyperHEPA and options V5-Cell for odors and gases. Here’s the complete breakdown…

3D UltraSeal

Years in development, this is probably the most valuable feature on the unit. As you can see from the product image, this purifier has a unique set of vertical blocks that interlock amongst one another. Each block contains either the pre-filter, main HEPA filter or fan. The way each filter connects to its housing (knife edge in groove setup) results in an industry-leading, 100%-sealed filter module. Each stacked block then connects to its neighbor via a unique, individual air-tight seal. Put together, their patented 3D UltraSeal creates just about the most efficient air filtration on the market.

HyperHEPA Filter

The HealthPro Plus’ HEPA filter is branded as “Hyper” because, along with the UltraSeal tech above, it creates a Total System Efficiency of >99.5%. Other, less-robustly built air filters clock in at a TSE of around 45%. So, when you consider the sum total of air quality going in vs out, few filters stack up favorably to this model.

Filtering Power

Breaking down each of the key performance categories, the bars below give this filter’s relative performance vs ALL other air filters in its category (0 – 100% scale).

Type: True HEPA Filter (99.97% efficiency)
Bucking the recent industry trend, this unit doesn’t come with an associated ionizer. Why? Well, thanks to its sealing technology, it really doesn’t need the additional help. The HEPA filter itself is rated for greater than or equal to 99.97% filtration of particles 0.03 microns or larger (which puts it near the top of its class).

CADR rating (smoke|dust|pollen): 450|450|450
The HealthPro Plus is one of the rare units to max out the CADR scale at 450. That is, it successfully eliminated the test smoke, dust and pollen in the required time and likely quite a bit better. That’s just about unheard of for a consumer unit under $1,000.

Coverage Area: 1098 sq. ft
Thanks to a completely redesigned and, frankly, revolutionary fan system, the IQAir Health Pro covers a space up to 1098 square feet. Compared to other units in its class, it’s rated at or near the top of the heap.

Air Changes/hour (ACH Rating): 2x up to 1098 sq. ft
Over 2000 square feet of air filtered per hour is incredibly impressive — again a testament to the design and configuration of the purifier and fan combo.

Control Panel

  1. LCD Display – when the unit is turned on, you’ll get real-time readings of the Speed, Airflow and more.
  2. Power Button – when turned off, the fan will immediately shut down (and go into standby mode). If you have a timer setup, the unit/fan will turn back on.
  3. Arrow Key – depending on the current mode, you can toggle between different airspeed settings, etc.
  4. Menu Button – lets you toggle between the 11 different configurable menus.
  5. Enter Button – once you’re at a setting you’d like to change, hold down this button for 3 seconds. That particular field will then become editable. Use the arrow key to select your preferred setting, then hit Enter again to save.
  6. HEPA Filter Life – there are 4 different color modes letting you know how much filter life you have left. Green denotes at least 80% left. Orange is less than 20% left. Red essentially means its lifespan is up. Blinking red means the filter has exceeded its recommended lifespan and should be replaced immediately. I typically like to replace my filter at the first sign of the solid red mode.
  7. V5 Cell Filter Life – see #6
  8. Fan Speed – quick and easy way to gauge how fast the internal fan is moving.
  9. PreMax Filter Life – see #6

Wrapping Up

Yeah, about $850 for an air purifier isn't cheap, but if you want health care level filter and fan functionality, you won't find a better system at a cost of under $1000. More specifically, if you have a variety of allergens, odors and bugs you want to keep at bay, the IQAir HealthPro Plus does an excellent job of addressing just about any need. We end up recommending this unit (to schools, business or homes) just about every week and have yet to hear anything but glowing praise for this innovative and efficient air filter... if it's in your budget, give it serious consideration.