About 5 years back, Smarter Air started out as a 1-man band — just me on a mission to find THE best air filter for my family and, specifically, for my youngest child who has a bad case off airborne allergies. After a good 2 weeks of online research….and being left thoroughly confused and frustrated, I figured there had to be an easier way to objectively and pragmatically compare the leading air filters. Well, being excessively left-brained, I fired up Excel, mapped all my leading purifiers and quickly came to a decision. Couple weeks later a friend of the family was going through the same process — I shared my spreadsheet and she quickly found her best fit. Having a bit of website experience, I decided it was probably worth publishing my research online…

Fast-forward a couple years (and a few starter sites later), SmarterAir.net was officially borne. Since our launch, we’ve been thrilled the site’s been able to help a ton of families get healthier, and, in most cases, save a few hundred bucks by finding the perfect fit. With the abundance of new air filter models out there, we’re now a 3-part band, doing our best to help you sift through the marketing mumbo jumbo and make a clear and informed decision.

Thanks for stopping by and if you ever have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate tn get in touch.

To your improved health, one breath at a time,
-Cam Gardner & Team